Reviews, Comparison Charts, and Guides To Help You Find The Best Dive Computer

Diving With A ComputerAny Scuba Diving professional will recommend buying a computer as your first piece of dive gear. This is because they allow you to dive longer and safer than if you were only diving off dive table.

When it comes to the safety and enjoyment of the sport, having your own dive computer is the way to go.

But, with so many different dive computer to choose from, jam-packed with so many different features and different price points, finding the best one for you can almost seem impossible.

No need to worry thou, I have done much of the heavy lifting for you. I have researched many different computers, read countless reviews and ratings, and have arranged them into easy to read reviews, charts, and guides.

Dive Computer Comparison Chart

The chart below will give you a quick comparison of some of the best dive computers, from the top dive manufacture, and some of their most important features.

Use it to compare features and ratings to find the one that works best for you.

If you would like to view a more in-depth comparison chart, with more computers and features follow the link below:

 =>The Ultimate Dive Computer Comparison Chart<==

Dive ComputerPriceStyleDisplayUser Changeable BatteryAir IntegrationMore Info
Suunto Eon Steel
$$$WristColorRechargeable WirelessGet Pricing and Reviews
Scubapro G2
$$$WristColorRechargeable WirelessGet Pricing and Reviews
Oceanic Pro Plus X
$$$ConsoleColorRechargeable HoseGet Price and Reviews
Aqua Lung i750
$$$WristColorRechargeableWirelessGet Pricing and Reviews
Suunto Vyper Novo
$$WristPartial Dot MatrixYesWirelessGet Pricing and Reviews
Suunot D4i Novo
$$Watch SizedPartial Dot MatrixNoWirelessGet Pricing and Reviews
Mares Smart
$$Watch SizedSegmentedYesNoGet Pricing and Reviews
Suunto Zoop Novo
$WristPartial Dot MatrixYesNoGet Pricing and Reviews
Mares Puck Pro Plus$WristSegmentedYesNoGet Pricing and Reviews
Cressi Leonardo
$WristSegmentedYesNoGet Pricing and Reviews

What If You Don’t Know What You Need In A New Dive Computer?

Complete Dive Computer Buying GuideEarly dive computers weres very simple and came with very limited functions. With the rapid advancement in technology,  today they are packed full of features that are enough to make your head spin.

But, what is the most important feature to look for when buying a dive computer? I have created a short guide to help you find the right one for your diving needs.

What You’ll Learn:

  • 5 reasons why you need to dive with your own dive computer
  • What are the different style and features, and which is best for you?
  • What features to look for when buying a new dive computer
  • How to properly maintain your dive computer and have it working properly for years to come.

Click on the  link below to read the entire guide:

Learn How To Choose The Right Dive Computer: The Ultimate Dive Computer Buying Guide