Sherwood Wisdom 3 – The Ultimate Recreational Dive Computer

Computer TypeConsole Only
Air IntegrationHose/Quick Disconnect
Memory50 Dives
User Changeable Battery Yes
Nitrox CompatibleYes/Up to 50%
PC InterfaceYes (Not Included)
Gas SwitchingNo
Integrated Digital CompassNo

Sherwood Scuba has always been known for making rugged and reliable diving equipment, and the new Wisdom 3 dive computer is a testament to this fact. They have taken their best-selling dive computer and made it even better.

This new version of the Wisdom now features full-time access to No-Decompression Limits regardless of your Air Time Remaining or Dive Time Remaining on the main screen. Also, when in dive mode you can see your available dive time whether limited by Air Time Remaining or No Decompression Limit.

The Wisdom 3 also comes in four configurations, with or without the quick disconnect, and with our without a compass. The most popular of these configurations is the with quick disconnect and compass. It also now comes in two different colors, black and white.

In this Sherwood Wisdom 3 Review, we are going to look at some of its most important features and why it is considered as one of the best buy for recreational divers, as well as what other divers are saying.

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Easy to Navigate User Interface

In early dive computer models, simply navigating through menus was a feat by itself. Sometimes you had to hold down certain button for an allotted amount of time to get the desired features or holding a combination of buttons which can make operating your dive computer a headache.

However, this is not the case with the Sherwood Wisdom 3.

It features only two control buttons that allow you to turn on the computer and select dive information when you choose to see it. The front button is referred to as the “Advance” and the side button as the “Select”. The  Advance button is used to navigate through the menus and the select button is used select features such as:

  • Selection of 3 operating modes (Air, Nitrox, or Gauge for depth and bottom timer)
  • Activation the back-light
  • Viewing different Information displays (Planed Depth/ Times, Last Dives, Dive Logs, etc.)
  • Operation the dive simulator (more on this below)
  • As well as, setting up the PC interface program.

When in diving mode you can use the buttons to:

  • Turn on the backlight
  • View alternative dive information
  • And, to acknowledge alarms (Learn more about the alarms below).

You can also easily activate the computer by pushing the advance button, or in the event, you forget to activate the computer it can be automatically activated when wet.

To find out more about how easy it is to operate you can download the full user manual below.

Large and Easy to Read Display and Layout

Have you ever the only diver to miss not seeing the Manta Ray or Sea Turtle because you were too busy trying to read and interpret what’s on your dive computer. I have seen many divers missed the most important parts of dive simply because their computer screens were too small and they could read the digits.

However this is not the case with the Wisdom 3, it uses 4 rows of large easy to read alpha/numeric display and graphic icons to display all the information you require before, while diving and after your dive.  Also,  all the important information is located where you would expect it to be, making it easy to read at a glance.

It displays your cylinder pressure on the bottom of the huge screen in large, easy-to-read numbers. Above the tank pressure, you will find your dive time, your current depth, maximum depth and other vital information. Along both sides of the Screen are bar graphs that give a quick visual reference for nitrogen and oxygen loading. 

It also has settings for both Metric or Imperial and  “Hydro-glow” back-light that lightens up the screen when night diving or low light condition, making it possible to read the screen in virtually any diving condition.

Dive Planning and Simulation

One of the most important rules of scuba diving is to always plan your dives and dive your plan, and this is now made much easier with the new Wisdom 3.

It has a dive simulator that allows you to walk yourself through any dive beforehand, you will be able to see your limits without even putting a foot into the water. Also, the dive planning mode uses information from previous dives to see limitations of your next dive, keeping you safe and well within your dive limits.

Air Integration and Quick Disconnect Hose

The Wisdom 3 is also air integrated via a hose, so you can always know exactly how much air you have remaining in your dive tank without guessing.  With air integration, the wisdom 3 can also tell you how much dive time you have remaining at your current air consumption and depth, which is great for worry-free diving.

If you are planning on getting this dive computer I would highly recommend getting it with the quick disconnect fitting. This will allow you to quickly disconnect your computer from your regulator system, so you can easily take it as a carry-on item when you fly or when logging your dives without logging around the entire rig.

Safety Alarms and Warning

The Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer features both Audio and Visual Alarms to Keep you safe and ensure that you don’t exceed your limits. A red LED wearing light is synchronized with the Audible alarm and will flash when the alarm sound.

The great thing about this dive computer is that you can set it to alarm when predetermined situations happen.

You can set the dive computer to alarm when:

  • PO2 equal to or greater than 1.60ATA, or the Max PO2 set by you.
  • When you descend deeper than the max depth
  • Dive time decreases to less than a time you specify settings
  • Tank pressure decreases to a pressure below your settings

However, you will also get Cautionary alarms when you:

  • Entry into Decompression Mode
  • O2 Accumulation equal to or greater than allowable per dive limit, or limit for a 24 hour period
  • Ascending above a required decompression stop depth for less than 5 minutes
  • Ascent rate exceeds 60 Feet per minute (18 Meters Per Minute)
  • Tank pressure decreases to the end pressure alarm setting

Also,  when you are in special situations, such as decompression, High PO2, and out of and modes, a UP arrow symbol will appear as a warning to ascend to a shallower depth. It will also give you information on when it is safe to fly after diving along with up to the minute de-saturation calculations.

User Changeable Batteries

The Wisdom 3 is powered by a CR2450 Lithium battery that is user changeable. Specific instructions on how to change the batteries can be found in the User manual.

A full battery should provide anywhere from 300 to 600 dives depending on how long you dive and how many dive you do once the computer is activated. For the best performance, it is best to stick with the name brand batteries.

Dive Log and PC Interface

No need to hurriedly write your dives into your logbook after each dive. The Wisdom 3 Log stores all your dive information for up to 50 dives, which I believe is more than enough storage to get you through any dive trip or vacation. What is also great about this computer is that all your dive information indefinitely, even if you remove the battery. But, if you which to delete your dive this can be done manually by resetting the dive computer.

You need to keep in mind thou, If you exceed 50 dives, the log stores the most recent dive and will delete the oldest.

You can also download all of your dives to your PC using an optional PC interface. You can download the software from Sherwood Scuba’s Website.

What are other divers saying about the Sherwood Wisdom 3

The overall feedback about this dive computer is great, on many retail and reviews sites, it has a perfect score of 5 stars from reviewers. After looking around for a while there were not many bad reviews to be found.

Many divers like the fact that it is easy to learn and it very large and easy to interpret layout.They also highly recommend that you get the quick disconnect version with a compass. below are a few snippets taken from across the Internet.


Joseph  A. – Says that this is one of the best dive computer he have ever used. He goes on to say that it was super easy to read, and displays the most useful information. Also that the compass and quick disconnect made the computer much more user-friendly.


 Caribdiver – Says he has use the Sherwood Wisdom 2 for year and now own the Wisdom 3. He likes that the computer is ease of use, its many features, and the fact that it has a quick disconnect. And, goes to say that he would recommend  this computer to anyone.


So, What’s The Bottom Line?

If you are a recreational diver looking for a great air integrated dive computer,  then look no further than the Wisdom 3. It is very easy to learn and setup due to is very comprehensive and easy to understand user manual.  It’s big screen, easy-to-read display, and information layout makes interpreting your dive information a snap.

The simple bottom line is that beginner and recreational divers simply will not find a more user-friendly Nitrox dive computer for the price.

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